I'll Make a Hero Out of You (Overwatch Parody)

by Mathew Swift feat. Ryan Minor

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This song is basically a song about the first recruitment of the Overwatch organization, as Soldier 76 recruits some rookies to join in this never-ending war, including Junkrat, Lucio, Bastion, and McCree.


Soldier 76:
Let's report for duty!
To defend our world!
Are you all brave soldiers? Or a bunch of girls?
You're the weakest group I’ll ever train,
But you can bet that when we're through...
Rookie, I'll make a hero out of you!

Using strength and justice,
Let the game begin!
When you work together,
You are sure to win!
You're a spineless, pale, pathetic lot
And you’ve yet to get a clue...
Newbie, I'll make a hero out of you

I'm never gonna catch a break.

Their death will be submitted.

How about you just call me eagle eye?

This guy's got some killer beats!

I got my sentry turret!

Thanks to Mercy, heroes never die!


You must be swift as the one called Tracer!
Watch for McCree, as he shouts “High Noon”!
And with the strength of a flaming Bastion,
Mysterious as the Roadhog by the moon!

As time comes toward us, we’ll destroy the strife!
Heed my every command and you will survive!
Everyone, prepare for this assault,
Lock and load, it’s up to you!
Seems that I made a hero out of you!

[Chorus x2]


released November 16, 2016
Based on the Disney song by Matthew Wilder and David Zippel
Lyrics and Vocals by Mathew Swift
Rock Instrumental by Ryan Minor



all rights reserved


Mathew Swift Edmonton, Alberta

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